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Zhang Xin (born 1965) is a Chinese business magnate. She is co-founder and CEO of SOHO China, the largest commercial real estate developer in Beijing. As of 2014, she is listed as the 62nd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.

As one of China's most celebrated female entrepreneurs, Zhang Xin has an online following of over 8 million fans on Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of twitter.

Zhang Xin and her husband Pan Shiyi founded the SOHO China Foundation in 2005 as a philanthropic organization to engage in education focused initiatives to alleviate poverty. In July 2014, the SOHO China Foundation announced the SOHO China Scholarships a US $100 million initiative to endow financial aid scholarships at leading international universities.

The SOHO China Foundation signed a US $15 million gift agreement with Harvard University in July 2014, and a US $10 million gift agreement with Yale University in October 2014...

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