William James Mayo

  Male      American      Physician

  Born : Jun 29, 1861  -
  Died : Jul 28, 1939

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William James Mayo (June 29, 1861 – July 28, 1939) was a physician and surgeon in the United States and one of the seven founders of the Mayo Clinic. He and his brother, Charles Horace Mayo, both joined their father's private medical practice in Rochester, Minnesota, USA, after graduating from medical school in the 1880s. In 1919, that practice became the not-for-profit Mayo Clinic.

Augustus Stinchfield was also asked to join the medical practice in 1892 by William Worrall Mayo. Once Stinchfield was hired, W. W. Mayo retired at age 73. Others who were invited to be part of the enterprise were C. Graham, E. Starr Judd, Henry Stanley Plummer, Melvin Millet and Donald Balfour. This group of doctors, along with their dedicated staff, created the world's first private integrated group practice. The generosity of the Mayo brothers and their partners, together with their shared industry, ensured the future growth of the Mayo Clinic.

Will Mayo was born to William Worrall Mayo and his wife Louise in Le Sueur, Minnesota in his parents' home. As a child, William and his brother Charles frequently accompanied their father as he went about his business as a pioneer physician. They began by helping out with very menial tasks, and were gradually given more responsibility. Eventually, the boys were administering anesthesia and tying off blood vessels...

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