William Graham Sumner

  Male      American      Scientist

  Born : Oct 30, 1840  -
  Died : Apr 12, 1910

About Author

William Graham Sumner (October 30, 1840 – April 12, 1910) was a classical liberal (now often called "libertarian") American social scientist. He taught social sciences at Yale, where he held the nation's first professorship in sociology. He was one of the most influential teachers at Yale or any major schools. Sumner was a polymath with numerous books and essays on American history, economic history, political theory, sociology, and anthropology. He introduced the term "ethnocentrism" to identify the roots of imperialism, which he strongly opposed. He was a spokesman against imperialism and in favor of the "forgotten man" of the middle class, a term he coined. He had a long-term influence on conservatism in the United States.

Sumner wrote an autobiographical sketch for the fourth of the histories of the “Class of 1863 Yale College. In 1925, Rev. Harris E. Starr, class of 1910 Yale Department of Theology, published the first full length biography of Sumner. A second full length biography by Bruce Curtis was published in 1981. Other authors have included biographical information about Sumner as shown by citations in this “Biography” section...

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