Wesley Schultz

  Male      American      Musician

  Born : Dec 30, 1982  

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Wesley Keith Schultz (born December 30, 1982) is the guitarist and lead vocalist for the American folk rock band The Lumineers.

Schultz grew up in Ramsey, New Jersey. At the time The Lumineers released their first album, their press release highlighted the fact that Schultz, then age 9, had been quoted in a 1992 story in The New York Times. In that story (a profile of Dennis Kobray, who toured elementary schools imitating classical composers as a way to introduce children to classical music), 9-year-old Schultz is quoted as saying: "I spend a lot of time on my drawings and it turns out good 'cause I've been practicing a lot."

Growing up in Ramsey, Schultz's best friend was Josh Fraites. Fraites died of a drug overdose in 2002, age 19.[4] In the wake of Josh's death, Schultz connected with Josh's younger brother Jeremiah Fraites, a drummer, and the two "found solace in music, writing songs and playing gigs around New York." The two toured under the name Wesley Jeremiah, and released a self-titled EP (including future The Lumineers songs, "Flowers In Your Hair" and "Darlene."

Wesley Schultz attended the University of Richmond...

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