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Wendy Weikal-Beauchat is the proud survivor of many of life's Broken Roads. From divorce, to business implosion, to significant health issues, she has been there and done that. She cherishes each scar and dent as a souvenir of her many travels down the Broken Road.

Ms. Weikal-Beauchat is an attorney by training. This has given her exposure to not only her Broken Road, but also the travels journals of many others. For twenty years, she was the managing partner of a law firm, and a practicing lawyer. She is now the principal of The Beauchat Group, LLC, a consulting firm geared toward teaching others the alchemy of the Broken Road.

She lives in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, with her delightful daughters, Tessa and Bryn.

Ms. Weikal-Beauchat was born in Greenville, Pennsylvania. Her undergraduate degree is in Criminology from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She also holds a juris doctorate from The University of Baltimore...

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