Walter Russell Bowie

  Male      American      Author

  Born : Oct 08, 1882  -
  Died : Apr 23, 1969

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Walter Russell Bowie (October 8, 1882 – April 23, 1969), was a priest, author, editor, educator, hymn writer, and lecturer in the Episcopal Church.

Walter Russell Bowie was born in Richmond, Virginia. He received a B.A. (1904) and M.A. (1905) from Harvard University and an B.D. (1909) and D.D. (1919) from Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary, now known as Virginia Theological Seminary. He was married to Jean Laverack on September 29, 1909.

Bowie was ordained as a priest in 1909, serving at three Episcopal churches and two theological seminaries. He served as a Red Cross chaplain at Base Hospital 45 in France during World War I. Bowie's advocacy for what was becoming known as the Social Gospel was given expression in his support for the League of Nations, advocacy for US immigration reform, his opposition to the Ku Klux Klan and Fundamentalism.

As a Harvard undergraduate Bowie was co-editor of The Harvard Crimson, with Franklin D. Roosevelt. While in Richmond he was editor of The Southern Churchman. He was a member of the editing team for Interpreter's Bible series and the Editorial Committee for Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

His aunt was the suffragist and educationist Mary-Cooke Branch Munford, and he was related as well to the novelist James Branch Cabell...

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