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Walter Map (born 1140, died c. 1208–1210) was a medieval writer of works written in Latin. Only one work is attributed to Map with any certainty: De Nugis Curialium.

He claimed Welsh originand to be a man of the Welsh Marches (marchio sum Walensibus); He studied at the University of Paris, apparently around 1160 when Gerard la Pucelle was teaching there. He encountered Thomas Becket before 1162. As a courtier of King Henry II of England, he was sent on missions to Louis VII of France and to Pope Alexander III, probably attending the Third Lateran Council in 1179 and encountering a delegation of Waldensians. On this journey he stayed with Henry I of Champagne, who was then about to undertake his last journey to the East.

Map held a prebend in the diocese of Lincoln by 1183 and was chancellor of the diocese by 1186. He later became precentor of Lincoln, a canon of St Paul's, London, and of Hereford, and archdeacon of Oxford in 1196...

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