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Mr. Vivek Pawar founded Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. in 2005 and serves as its Executive Chairman. Mr. Pawar served as the Chief Executive Officer of Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. He has over 20 years of industry experience in varied functions of General management, Operations, Program management, Customer relations and rich experience is Mixed-Signal and Analog Product Design, System On Chip (SoC) Development including firmware development. He worked with Videocon International as Production Manager. Prior to Sankalp Semiconductor, he served as Program Manager at Texas Instruments Inc. (Houston, USA) from 2003 to 2005 and General Manager for Broadband Silicon Technology Center in Texas Instruments India, Bangalore from 2000 to 2003 and a part of the TI India Management Team. He joined Texas Instruments India in 1990 as a Analog Design Engineer. He took the team leadership role within 6 months of joining TI. He was part of the project team that designed a first full Chip in the latest process technology completely from India in the area of Analog and Mixed Signal. In 1992, he was posted to USA for development of one of the pioneering reach channel chips for Hard-Disk drive market during which he applied for 2 patents and an international publication. In 1995, he was elected to MGTS position in prestigious Technical Ladder of Texas Instruments Inc. He started Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd with his leadership team in October 2005. He held various technical and leadership roles in Mixed-Signal Products organization to eventually become its Operation Manager in 1997 of Mixed-signal products group and later General Manager for Broadband Silicon Technology Center(BSTC). Under his leadership TI India Mixed-Signal group grew from less then 40 engineers to 200+ by 2002 and more then 35 IC’ products were released to market in different areas such as Video Graphics, Data Converter, Digital Still Camera, GPS RF, Broadband DSL and wireless LAN. Many products won the international acclaim. The team under Mr. Pawar was responsible for developing multiple firsts in the world’s Analog/ Mixed signal products completely from India with few of them receiving international awards and acclaims such as: a) Worlds first integrated DSL Front end with Analog front end and Hybrid amplifier. EDN Asia award winner 1999. Conceptualized and designed from India. B) World’s first single chip DSL with nearest competition still at 3 chip solution. EDN WW Award winner 2003, which was conceptualized and designed from India. along with the SoC which was conceptualized and designed from India. He was selected for an USA assignment to lead a very significant program for TI’s important customer as Program Manager from 2003 to 2005, where he managed teams across continents and across multi-disciplines such as Analog and Digital SoC Design, Software Development and Firmware. This project Received TI worldwide “Customer excellence award ” in 2005. Mr. Pawar completed BE (E&T/C) from..

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