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Tyler Knott Gregson is a poet, author and professional photographer based out of Helena, Montana. Gregson has accrued fame as a poet on social media platforms such as Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter since 2009. He writes and posts a "Daily Haiku on Love," and a raw poem from his "Typewriter Series" every day currently.

Gregson studied sociology and criminology at the University of Montana. He worked as a freelance writer for various companies, and began blogging on his own in 2009. He says he has written poetry since being in middle school.

The inspiration for the "Daily Haiku" series was sparked on an airplane ride home from Florida. The "Typewriter Series" was born in 2012 when Gregson found an old typewriter in a Helena antique store and typed out a poem spontaneously. He said, "I just did it all at once and it was like stream of consciousness, I didn't plan it or think it through—I just let it go." The poet now challenges himself to post one of these every single day.

He also works as a professional wedding photographer at a company he co-founded with Sarah Linden, Treehouse Photography...

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