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Timothy Robert Noah (born 1958) is an American journalist and author. He is currently the labor policy editor for Politico. Previously he was a contributing writer at MSNBC.com, and before that he was senior editor of The New Republic, where he wrote the "TRB From Washington" column, and a senior writer at Slate, where for a decade he wrote the "Chatterbox" column. In April 2012 Noah published a book, The Great Divergence, about income inequality in the United States.

Noah is the son of Marian Jane (née Swentor) and Robert M. Noah, a television producer. He grew up in New Rochelle, New York, and Beverly Hills, California. His father was Jewish, and his mother was Protestant; he describes himself as an atheist. He is a graduate of Harvard College, where he obtained a degree in English in 1980, and where he was on the prose board of the Harvard Advocate. He lives in Washington, D.C.

Earlier in his career, Noah was an Assistant Managing Editor at U.S. News and World Report, a Washington reporter for the Wall Street Journal, a staff writer at The New Republic and a congressional correspondent for Newsweek. Noah is a contributing editor to The Washington Monthly, where he was an editor (1983–85), and he has been a frequent broadcast commentator on CBS News' Sunday Morning and NPR's former program, Day To Day. In 2010, Noah was a National Magazine Award finalist in the online news reporting category for his Slate coverage of the health care reform bill...

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