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Tim Denning is a thought leader in the personal development, entrepreneur and startup fields. He is most well known for his blogging on Addicted2Success.com where his articles are some of the most shared on the site. Each week he interviews successful people in the fields of tech, personal development, entertainment, sport, and business, and then shares their stories in his articles.

Outside of blogging Tim works for a large organisation helping fast moving technology companies come to Australia as well as helping Australian tech companies go to the world.

Tim uses social media to be able to leave a lasting legacy to generations of entrepreneurs and everyday people who are trying to succeed in life but don’t really have the tools required. He believes that we are wired for failure, and unless we proactively program our minds for success, then we will live an unfulfilled life.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. For anyone to achieve massive success all they have to do is commit to grow continually each and every day and to live life to the fullest. This starts with understanding where you are today and then making a decision to stop the way you’re currently living and make changes.

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