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Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis is a licensed psychologist, poet, dancer, and minister. Dr. Bryant-Davis, an Associate Professor at Pepperdine University, is Past-President of the Society for the Psychology of Women.

Dr. Thema earned her doctorate from Duke University, completed her post-doctoral training at Harvard Medical Center, and is a past American Psychological Association representative to the United Nations.

The North Carolina Arts Council named her Emerging Artist of the Year. She has been featured on BET, PBS and C-SPAN as well as in the Boston Globe, ESSENCE Magazine, and Black Entertainment Television's Weekend Magazine. Dr. Thema has been a recurring mental health consultant on The Dr. Phil Show and the TV-One show K-Ci and Jo Jo Come Clean.

She is the author of the critically-acclaimed books Thriving in the wake of trauma: A multicultural guide, Mangos and Manna and The Birthing of a Lioness and is the recording artist on the CD Sky: An upbeat black girl's song. Her work is based in an interdisciplinary understanding of spirituality, gender, culture and psychology...

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