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Teruhide ‘Teru’ Sato is an investor with a difference. He is a serial entrepreneur with an enviable track record in building businesses from scratch, and then taking them to public markets.

Teru started his first venture in 1997, a joint venture with Softbank and Cybercash, and then BEENOS (formerly Netprice), one of the biggest Japanese conglomerates, which has its fingers in the pies of e-commerce, marketplace, and payment, etc. in 1999. Both companies went public, and then he went on to head BEENOS.

BEENOS also runs two programmes, one in seed acceleration and the other in investments. As a seed accelerator, it has invested in over 50 companies in Japan, while the investment arm has made over 85 investments globally. Teru drives the investment arm of BEENOS, besides making his own angel investments. In India, the investment programme has invested in Shopclues, Citrus Pay, KartRocket and BuyHatke, and many others, most of which have not been announced...

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