Tatyana Tolstaya

  Female      Russian      Writer

  Born : May 03, 1951  

About Author

Tatyana Nikitichna Tolstaya (born 3 May 1951) is a Russian writer, TV host, publicist, novelist, and essayist from the Tolstoy family.

Tolstaya was born in Leningrad into a family of writers. Her paternal grandfather, Aleksei Nikolaevich Tolstoi, was a pioneering science fiction writer, and Natalia Krandievskaya, his wife, was a poet. Mikhail Lozinsky, her maternal grandfather, was a literary translator. Tolstaya's sister, Natalia was a writer as well. Her son, Artemy Lebedev, is the founder-owner of Art. Lebedev Studio, a Russian web design firm.

Tolstaya received her education at the department of classical philology of the Leningrad State University. She moved to Moscow in the early 1980s and started working in the Nauka publishing house...

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