Suzy Kassem

  Female      American      Writer

  Born : Dec 01, 1975  

About Author

Suzy Kassem (born December 1, 1975) is an American writer, film director, philosopher, author, and poet of Egyptian heritage. Her book, Rise Up And Salute The Sun, a collection of philosophical short stories, poetry and essays, amassed a cult following shortly after its release in the US market (2011) and Egypt (2010). The book has been described as "a mix between Khalil Gibran's The Prophet and Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist."

In addition to writing, Kassem has worked as a music video and commercial director for over nine years in Hollywood. She is also "a director and writer for kids' films, most notably Harmony Parker." The film stars Madison Davenport, who as the main title character "Harmony", is given an old music box for her seventh birthday and quickly discovers how the vibrational power of music can transform situations of conflict into peace.

In 2009, Kassem was set to direct a $12 million project in Cairo entitled Dimou Il Bahr (Sea of Tears), but the film came to a halt after she "tangled unsuccessfully with Egyptian authorities over her script about disenchanted youth fleeing 'suffocation' in their homeland."

Following the halt in production, Kassem focused on writing, with work published in the New York Times, About.com Style Channel, and CounterPunch magazine.

A graduate in business, filmmaking, and creative writing, she has studied at the University of Toledo, University of California, and Harvard University. During her youth, she attended La Garenne International School and Aiglon College in Villars, Switzerland...

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