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Dr Sunayna Iqbal, Co-founder of Dubai-based NGO Destination Success UAE, believes that every child can and should be motivated to reach the zenith of his/her potential by providing a conducive learning environment, the right combination of skills, and a dollop of motivation. She has been working actively with the schools in UAE for the last 13 years. She has trained and coached over 5,000 students as part of her mission to inspire every child who comes her way.

A certified trainer and public speaker, Sunayna along with her husband, Dr Sangeeth Ibrahim, host a show on parenting called My Teacher on NTV, a popular TV channel in UAE. Sunayna has published articles on related topics in reputed international journals. Sangeeth, who is the co-founder of Destination Success UAE, is the Vice President of a leading bank in the region and is also a motivational speaker and leading development specialist who shares Sunayna’s passion of helping students. The husband and wife duo is very much in tandem in terms of their values and goals, and their children, Amaan and Jehan, are following in their footsteps and are brand ambassadors of reputed charity organisations.

Sunayna, named after the classic song sung by singer Yesudas, was born into a business family in Cochin...

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