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Subhajit Mandal is the co founder of Assist The Needy. Subhajit Mandal went on to be an exceptional student – a graduate from the 2007 batch IIT Kharagpur and a National University of Singapore MBA graduate in 2014 – and made great career choices. In 2015, Subhajit joined LumenLab, the MetLife Innovation Centre, as an MBA intern and was subsequently offered a full time position in August 2015.

Through the years, he continued to ponder over how he could build something that would help the economically underprivileged such as the house help in most Indian homes.
Subhajit’s work at LumenLab was a drastic shift from most organisations. He says that it is a dedicated corporate innovation lab with a focus on disruptive innovation, keeping customer insight at the centre of their approach. The job entailed that the employees go beyond today’s set rules and methods, begin again with a deep understanding of people’s lives, and rewrite the role of the industry in the 21st century. One of three broad themes that the team worked on was “wealth”, which aligned to his dream of helping the economically backward...

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