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Stew Leonard, Jr. is an American businessman who is the current president and CEO of Stew Leonard's, a supermarket chain based in Connecticut and New York. Leonard took over as president and CEO of the company in 1991. Since then, the chain has routinely been listed on Fortune's list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For." Leonard and the company are also frequently profiled in marketing textbooks like Principles of Marketing, Sustaining Knock Your Socks Off Service, and Modern Human Relations at Work.

Stew Leonard, Jr. comes from a long line of family members in the dairy business. His grandfather, Charles Leo Leonard, founded Clover Farms Dairy in Norwalk, Connecticut in the 1920s. The elder Leonard and his sons would deliver milk door-to-door straight from the farm. When Charles Leonard died, the business passed to Stew Leonard, Sr. who wanted to move beyond being a milkman. Stew Leonard, Sr. would then open the original Stew Leonard's dairy store in Norwalk in 1969. Stew Leonard, Jr. often worked in that original dairy store as a child, washing out milk cans, loading egg shelves, and performing other basic tasks...

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