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Steven Dutch is a professor of Natural and Applied Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Here, he responds to a critique of each one. He largely focuses on rejecting the superficiality and simplicity posited by people such as Jacques Ellul and L. S. Stavrianos, stating that it is easier to blame the choices brought about by technology than to face the questions the choices raise.

One theme that is consistent throughout his website is his criticism of both creationism/intelligent design along with theists supportive of that, and of atheists critical of religion. He claims that Richard Dawkins is utterly ignorant of theology, and states that there is no proof that an infinite regress is impossible. He claims that Dawkins' critique of religion is unjustified, as both natural selection and deities are self-explaining. He also criticizes Bertrand Russell for "blaming science for the barrenness of his own personal philosophy [agnosticism]". Based on his support of evolution and membership in the Affiliation of Christian Geologists at Wheaton University it appears that Dutch is a Christian who supports theistic evolution, which explains his stance...

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