Sheri S Tepper

  Female      American      Writer

  Born : Jul 16, 1929  

About Author

Sheri Stewart Tepper (born July 16, 1929) is an American writer of science fiction, horror and mystery novels. She is known for feminist science fiction, often with an ecofeminist slant.

Sheri Stewart Douglas was born near Littleton, Colorado. She married at 20, divorced in her late twenties, and "spent ten years on my own, working all kinds of different jobs" as a single mother of two. She wrote some poetry and children's stories as Sheri S. Eberhart and married Gene Tepper in the late 1960s. From 1962 to 1986 she worked for Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, finally as Executive Director. As of 1998 she operated a guest ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She has written under several pseudonyms, including A. J. Orde, E. E. Horlak, and B. J. Oliphant.

In November 2015, she received the World Fantasy Award for Live Achievement...

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