Shelby Lynne

  Female      American      Musician

  Born : Oct 22, 1968  

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Shelby Lynne (born October 22, 1968, Quantico, Virginia) is an American singer and songwriter. The success of her 1999 album I Am Shelby Lynne led to her winning the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, even though she had, by that time, been active in the music industry for some time. She released a Dusty Springfield tribute album called Just a Little Lovin' in 2008. Since then she has started her own independent record label, called Everso Records, and released three albums: Tears, Lies and Alibis, Merry Christmas, and Revelation Road. Lynne is also known for her distinctive contralto voice.

Shelby Lynne was born in Virginia and raised in Mobile, Alabama where she attended Theodore High School. Music was an important part of the Moorer family. Her father, who worked as an English teacher and a juvenile corrections officer, played the guitar, while her mother was a singer. Her father also drank heavily and eventually became abusive. On August 12, 1986, when Lynne was 17, her estranged father shot and killed her mother and then himself. She and her younger sister Allison Moorer subsequently moved in with relatives...

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