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Salone’s role at TrulySocial is centred on driving strategic growth, fund-raising, business expansion, M&A, and investor relations. Salone has previous experience in Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Corporate Strategy. Her last role was Vice-President, Global COO Office at Barclays PLC. Having worked across global institutions like Morgan Stanley, Barclays, and KPMG, she has executed more than $12bn of live M&A deals and has cross-sector experience across Europe with a special focus on the technology sector.

Her passion for entrepreneurial finance and her inherent start-up DNA led to her working with TrulySocial. Within a short span of time, under her leadership, the company restructured, raised a funding round, got selected and graduated from StartupBootcamp – Europe’s most prestigious accelerator programme, built an exceptionally talented team, and scaled the startup in record time. She also has an MBA from IESE Business School, Spain, and has recently been named by PCR as one of the Top 30 Women in Mobile...

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