Sally Quinn

  Female      American      Journalist

  Born : Jul 01, 1941  

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Sally Sterling Quinn (born July 1, 1941) is an American author and journalist, who writes about religion for a blog at The Washington Post.Sally Quinn was born in Savannah, Georgia, to Lt. General William Wilson "Buffalo Bill" Quinn (November 1, 1907 – September 11, 2000) and his wife, Sara Bette Williams, (January 27, 1918 – September 26, 2004). Both are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Quinn has two siblings - Donna of Oakland, California, and William Jr. of Phoenix, Arizona.

Her father was an infantry officer who also served as an intelligence officer and played a key role in the transition of the United States' intelligence service from the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). As a Colonel in World War II, he helped coordinate the invasion of southern France in 1944 and captured Hermann Göring. Though he was not present, his regiment liberated Dachau concentration camp; he arrived the next day, when he heard the news...

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