Roy Thomson

  Male      Canadian      Publisher

  Born : Jun 05, 1894  -
  Died : Aug 04, 1976

About Author

Roy Herbert Thomson, 1st Baron Thomson of Fleet, GBE (June 5, 1894 – August 4, 1976) was a Canadian newspaper proprietor who became one of the moguls of Fleet Street.

He first came to prominence when he was selling radios in Ontario, and to give his customers more programmes to listen to, decided to launch his own radio station. He then moved into newspapers, buying The Scotsman as a salute to his Scottish ancestors, followed by the first Scottish independent television channel. By 1966, he owned both The Times and The Sunday Times.

Roy Thomson was born on June 5, 1894 in Toronto, Ontario, the son of Herbert Thomson, a telegraphist turned barber who worked at Toronto's Grosvenor Hotel, and English-born Alice Coombs. They lived at 32 Monteith Street, off Church Street. Herbert was born in Toronto to parents Hugh Thomson and Mary Nichol Sylvester. Hugh was one of ten children of George Thomson, son of Archibald Thomson, who emigrated from Scotland to Canada in 1773. George was brother of David Thomson, first European settler of Scarborough, Ontario...

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