Roy Bennett

  Male      Zimbabwean      Politician

  Born : Feb 16, 1957  

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Roy Leslie Bennett (born 16 February 1957) is a Zimbabwean politician and former member of the British South Africa Police. He was also a member of the House of Assembly of Zimbabwe for the seat of Chimanimani, where he is affectionately known as Pachedu (loosely translated as "Between Us"). He is currently the Treasurer of the Movement for Democratic Change party led by Morgan Tsvangirai and a member of the Senate of Zimbabwe. He was set to become the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Zimbabwe until Robert Mugabe refused to swear him in.

He was one of the three white parliamentarians elected in the Zimbabwean parliamentary election, 2000 despite the intimidation against MDC voters by supporters of Zanu-PF. During the campaign, his wife who was 3 months pregnant, was physically abused by ZANU activists on their farm and subsequently lost her baby boy...

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