Robin Crow

  Male      American      Artist

  Born : Oct 30, 1953  

About Author

Robin Z. Crow (born October 30, 1953) is an American author, recording artist, and public speaker. Crow is best known for his 2002 autobiographical book entitled Jump and the Net Will Appear. He is the builder, owner, and operator of Dark Horse Recording Studio in Franklin, TN. Crow also speaks at seminars and clinics around the country.

Crow began his music career as a performer by dropping out of high school to tour with the band "Great Expectations". By the time he was 21, he had already performed at over 600 high schools in the Pacific Northwest and Southwestern United States. He then moved to Hollywood, CA to pursue a recording career. After recording his first album, Legend of a Fool, he began touring college campuses performing as many as 100 concerts a year. Over the next fifteen years, Crow released six nationally distributed albums; three for Sherwood Records and three under the label Fortress Records. In the early nineties, he caught the attention of RCA Records, who signed him and released the album "Electric Cinema" in 1992...

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