Robert Toombs

  Female      American      Politician

  Born : Jul 02, 1810  -
  Died : Dec 15, 1885

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Robert Augustus Toombs (July 2, 1810 – December 15, 1885) was an American politician who was a founding father of the Confederacy and its first Secretary of State.

A lawyer by training, he proved an impressive speaker in the U.S. House of Representatives, and later in the senate. Believing strongly in states’ rights and the extension of slavery, he found common ground with fellow-Georgian Alexander H. Stephens. He had supported the Compromise of 1850, but came round to advocating secession. In the newly-formed Confederate government, Toombs was appointed Secretary of State, but criticised the attack on Fort Sumter, which put him at odds with President Jefferson Davis, and he quit to join the Confederate States Army. He became a Brigadier-General, wounded at Antietam, but was denied higher promotion and resigned, continuing to feud with Davis to the last. When the war ended, he fled to Cuba, later returning to Georgia. But he refused to request a pardon, thus sacrificing his political future.

Toombs had always made a powerful impression on the public with his emotive oratory, backed by a strong physical presence, but his intemperate habits and volatile personality limited his career potential...

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