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Robert J. Ringer (born 1938) is an American entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author of several best-selling self-help books.

His first book, Winning Through Intimidation, was published in 1973. After the manuscript racked up 23 rejections from publishers, Ringer decided to self-publish the book. It became a #1 bestseller, spending 36 weeks at the top of the The New York Times Best Seller list. In 2002, Ringer revised and updated the book and republished it with a new title: To Be or Not to Be Intimidated?: That is the Question. Ringer says that the change in the title was made to clarify his aim in these books, which is not so much to turn people into intimidators, but rather to give people the tools to keep others from intimidating them.

Ringer also self-published his second book, Looking Out for Number One, in 1977, which, like his first book, became a New York Times #1 bestseller. Ringer's recurring themes of actions based on rational thought, conceding and in fact adhering to the inherent objective human nature of self-interest, and avoiding people who are irrational (which he labelled either neurotics or "weeds") was expounded on, among other things...

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