Rick Cook

  Male      American      Author

  Born : Jan 01, 1944  

About Author

Rick Cook (born 1944) is a light fantasy author from the United States, best known for his Wizardry series of books. His writing includes many jokes that are hard to appreciate without having a background in systems-level programming, though the books themselves can easily be enjoyed by readers without such a background.

Rick Cook is a journalist, computer hacker, and fantasy author best known for his "Wiz" series of books. Since his hospitalization in 2000 he has not resumed fiction writing.

Cook was in the process of writing book 6 of this series (The Wizardry Capitalized), in spring 2000, when emergency heart surgery, and subsequent medication, interrupted him. The novel remains uncompleted, and Cook asked for input on his blog site as to whether or not he should publish the unfinished work. In February 2008 he announced that he has decided to present the unfinished work online..

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