Ralph Ransom

  Male      American      Artist

  Born : Jun 05, 1908  

About Author

Ralph Ransom (born in Saint Joseph, Missouri, U.S.) was a famous Artist from USA, who lived between and June 5, 1908.

Ralph Ransom is a well known Painter from Saint Joseph who attended the Art Institute of Chicago in 1898, where he studied with the influential American painter and etcher James Mcneill Whistler. He completed his studies at the Académie Delecluse in Paris (1906).

In 1901 he married Keith Ransom-Kehler (born Nannie Keith Bean in Dayton, Kentucky), they became parents in 11 February 1907 to a daughter, Julia Keith Ransom. A little over a year later, on 5 June 1908, Ralph Ransom died, apparently of tuberculosis.

His mother, Mary Ransom, who lived in Saint Joseph, appears to have played a role in raising young Julia when Keith Ransom was traveling (to Europe with her father in 1908–09), studying, or working in Chicago...

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