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Raghav Raghunathan was encouraged to do what most students are told to do – study well to get into a good college, secure a good job, and live a comfortable life. He got into NIT-K Surathkal for a bachelor’s degree in Technology. However, he had a keen interest in economics and finance. With time, he knew that his inclinations towards these subjects was more than mere interest.

Raghav gave up job offers from biggies like Credit Suisse and Caterpillar to join the year-long liberal arts programme at the Young India Fellowship in 2012 with full scholarship. Raghav is also an Acumen India Fellow from the 2015 cohort.

In May 2013, Raghav travelled to Bagli, Madhya Pradesh, to visit Samaj Pragati Sahayog, India’s largest watershed and livelihoods based grassroots organisation. He hoped that this experience would allow him to connect with people and put to practice what he had learnt in theory. During his visit, he met nine seasoned co-founders who had lived and worked with dominantly tribal population for about 25 years in various spheres like sustainable agriculture, community media, watershed security, SHG-led microfinance, etc...

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