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Raghav Bahl is an Indian businessman best known for his ownership of several television channels, including TV18 India. He was the founding/Controlling Shareholder & Managing Director of Network18 group until the takeover by Reliance group. Raghav founded The Quintillion Media Pvt Ltd after his exit from Network 18

He received schooling from St. Xavier's School, Delhi He graduated in Economics Honors from St. Stephens College, and then did a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Delhi. He attained a Masters in Business Administration from FMS Delhi. He attended a doctoral program at the Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, New York, but did not complete it.

Raghav began his career as a management consultant with A.F. Ferguson & Co. followed by a stint with American Express Bank. He was responsible for directing most of the work of TV-18 and channels like CNBC-Awaaz, Nickelodeon and Colors. Recently he has written a book 'Super Power?' which compares the two developing countries China and India. [4] Raghav has over 22 years experience in television and journalism...

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