Peter Malkin

  Male      Israeli      Public Servant

  Born : May 27, 1927  -
  Died : Mar 01, 2005

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Peter Zvi Malkin (May 27, 1927, Pilgramshain, Lower Silesia, Germany – March 1, 2005, New York City), was an Israeli secret agent, and member of the Mossad intelligence agency. Malkin was part of the team that captured Adolf Eichmann in Argentina in 1960 and brought him to Israel to stand trial.

Malkin was born in Pilgramshain, Lower Silesia, a province of Germany prior to 1945, currently Zolkiewka, Poland, to an observant Jewish family. In 1936, his family fled to Palestine to escape the rising tide of German anti-Semitism; his sister, Fruma, and her three children who remained behind with 150 other relatives, died in the Holocaust. At the age of twelve, Malkin was recruited into the Haganah. In 1950, he was invited to join the new Jewish state's fledgling security service as an explosives expert.

Malkin spent 27 years in the Mossad, first as an agent and later as Chief of Operations. As Chief of Operations he played a major role in the capture of Israel Beer, a Soviet spy who had penetrated the highest levels of Israeli government. He also led an operation against Nazi nuclear rocket scientists who assisted an Egyptian weapons development program after World War II...

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