Paul Watson

  Male      Canadian      Environmentalist

  Born : Dec 02, 1950  

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Paul Franklin Watson (born December 2, 1950) is a citizen of Canada and the United States. He is a marine wildlife conservation and an environmental activist, who founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an anti-poaching and direct action group focused on marine conservation.

The Toronto native joined a Sierra Club protest against nuclear testing in 1969. He was an early and influential member of Greenpeace, crewed and skippered for it, and a founding board member in 1972. He has been credited by The New York Times, The New Yorker and other publications with being a founder of Greenpeace, but Greenpeace denies the claim. However the recent release of the film How to Change the World (film) by Producer Jerry Rathwell documents that Watson was indeed one of the original founding members of Greenpeace. Watson argued for a strategy of direct action that conflicted with the Greenpeace interpretation of nonviolence, was ousted from the board in 1977, and subsequently left the organization. That same year, he formed Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The group is the subject of a reality show named Whale Wars.

He promotes veganism, and a biocentric, rather than anthropocentric, worldview...

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