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My name is Patrick McKenzie. Once upon a time, I was an engineer. I had an idea for some software. Programming it was pretty easy. Marketing it was not, but I really enjoyed the new challenge. At some point over the years, I graduated from being an engineer to running a software business. I’ve been blogging regularly since 2006 — check out my greatest hits for a curated list of the best stuff I’ve produced, or read this if you want the brief overview.

Kalzumeus Software is named after a dragon in a long-forgotten RPG campaign. It’s so hard to find available .com domain names these days, I swear. If you have a charge on your credit card from KALZ SOFTWR and you don’t remember it, you or someone in your organization has probably purchased Bingo Card Creator or Appointment Reminder. Send me an email at [email protected] and I will take care of you personally.

I used to do occasional consulting for select clients, but have spun that business down to focus on my own projects. Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] for just about any reason. I love talking to other small businesses at any time, for any reason: please, drop me an email. I respond to almost all of them, time permitting. Nothing makes me happier than helping people out. See the Standing Invitation for details.

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