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Patricia Rae is an American actress.

Rae, who is of Colombian ancestry, was born in Manhattan and spent her childhood in Queens. As a child, Rae spoke only Spanish at home, but learned to speak English by watching Sesame Street while she was in kindergarten. Patricia was a very precocious child, quite talkative, and used her humor to deflect bad behavior. Two of her main influences growing up were Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball.

Patricia’s journey into the acting world began in elementary school. While in fourth grade, the drama teacher noticed her and recommended she be in the musical "Oliver Twist". She moved to Florida in her teens where she resumed her scholastic activities, and with the support of the Drama club, was able to find a successful and comfortable niche in acting. Rae earned a series of awards in regional and state wide competitions with her drama troupe. Patricia went on to study at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute...

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