Orson Pratt Sr

  Male      American      Theologian

  Born : Sep 19, 1811  -
  Died : Oct 03, 1881

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Orson Pratt, Sr. (September 19, 1811 – October 3, 1881) was a leader in the Latter Day Saint movement and an original member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles. He was born in Hartford, New York, the son of Jared and Charity Dickenson Pratt.

Orson Pratt died of complications from diabetes on October 3, 1881, the last surviving member of the original Council of the Twelve.

Orson Pratt was the younger brother of Parley P. Pratt, who introduced him to Latter Day Saint church and baptized him on his nineteenth birthday, September 19, 1830 in Canaan, New York.

Pratt was ordained an Elder several months later, on April 26, 1831, by the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. and immediately set out for Colesville, New York, his first mission. This was the first of a number of short missions in which Orson visited New York, Ohio, Missouri, and the Eastern States. On February 2, 1832, he was ordained a High Priest by Sidney Rigdon, whereafter he continued his missions, preaching in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts...

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