Norman Macleod

  Male      Scottish      Clergyman

  Born : Jun 03, 1812  -
  Died : Jun 16, 1872

About Author

Reverend Norman Macleod (3 June 1812 – 16 June 1872) was a Scottish clergyman and author.

Norman Macleod was born in Kirk Street, Campbeltown, to the Rev. Dr. Norman Macleod and Agnes Maxwell; his paternal grandfather, a minister of the parish of Morvern in Argyllshire, bore the same name.

His father, at that time minister of Campbeltown, was himself an exceptional man. His entire life was closely bound to the Highlanders of Scotland, catering to their spiritual and intellectual needs. He was the author of an extensive literature described by Professor Blackie as the "great work of classical Gaelic prose....written in a dialogue form, enriched by the dramatic grace of Plato and the shrewd humour of Lucian", and played a major role in the creation of an educational infrastructure for the Highlands and Islands. He was an untiring supporter of the interests of the Highlanders, and his name was respected throughout the North and West of Scotland.

In 1827, Macleod became a student at the University of Glasgow; in 1831, he went to Edinburgh to study divinity under Dr Thomas Chalmers. On 18 March 1838, he became parish minister at Loudoun, Ayrshire...

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