Nong Duc Manh

  Male      Vietnamese      Politician

  Born : Sep 11, 1940  

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Nông Đức Mạnh (born 11 September 1940) is a Vietnamese politician and was the general secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the most powerful position in the Vietnamese government, from 22 April 2001 to 19 January 2011. Although his official biography states that his parents were Tay peasants, it has long been rumoured that Mạnh is the son of former North Vietnamese leader Ho Chí Minh.

Mạnh was born in Cưong Lợi, Na Rì District, Bac Kạn Province. His own son is No ng Quoc Tuan, party secretary for Bac Giang Province.

It has long been rumoured that Mạnh is the illegitimate son of Ho Chí Minh (1890-1969) and Nong Thị Trưng (1920–2003), Ho's housekeeper from 1941-42. This story may have been a factor in his selection as party boss. In a profile of Mạnh published in the official press immediately after he gained this position, Trưng was identified as his mother.

Mạnh's official biography gives his date of birth as 11 September 1940, when Ho was still in China. Ho returned to Vietnam in February 1941 and met Trưng in July. Ho wrote a four-line poem for Trưng in 1944, and gave her a notebook as "a token of my love".

This poem was later taught to elementary school students. In April 2001, shortly after Mạnh was named as party boss, a reporter at a news conference asked him to confirm or deny the rumor. He responded, "All Vietnamese people are the children of Uncle Hồ." When asked again about the rumor in January 2002 by a Time Asia reporter, he denied he is Hồ's son and stated that his father was named Nong Van Lai and his mother Hoàng Thị Nhị...

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