Nick Rhodes

  Male      English      Musician

  Born : Jun 08, 1962  

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Nick Rhodes (born 8 June 1962) is an English musician, best known as the founding member and keyboardist of the new wave band Duran Duran.

He has also released albums with Arcadia in 1985 (a Duran Duran side-project), as well as The Devils in 2002 with Stephen Duffy the original lead singer of Duran Duran. In March 2013, he released the long-awaited TV Mania side project with ex-Duran Duran guitarist Warren Cuccurullo.

Bates was the only child of well-off parents, the owners of a Birmingham toy shop. Bates attended Woodrush High School in Hollywood, Birmingham. He and John Taylor (also from Hollywood) formed a band called 'RAF'. Bates left school in 1978 at the age of sixteen, and founded Duran Duran with schoolfriends Stephen Duffy (vocals), John Taylor (who then played lead guitar), and Simon Colley (bass). At about the same time as the name Duran Duran was chosen for the band, Bates decided to change his name, which was given to him by John Taylor before the first interview they had together for their band. He cited a dislike for being called Master Bates and chose the name "Rhodes" after the brand of electronic keyboard...

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