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Nicodemo Antonio Massimo "Nick" Mancuso is a Canadian cinema and stage actor.

Mancuso was born in Mammola, Calabria, Italy and immigrated to Canada in 1956. Mancuso is probably best known for his roles as the antichrist (Franco Macalousso) in the Apocalypse series of films produced by Cloud Ten Pictures, and for his starring role in the 1985-87 NBC action series, Stingray.

In the early 1980s Nick Mancuso had the title role in Ticket to Heaven in which he played the part of a David Kappel a non observant Jewish teacher in Toronto. His girlfriend leaves him and he visits San Francisco to find his footing and see an old friend. He is lured into spending a weekend at a camp that is actually the recruiting and indoctrination center for a religious cult. It becomes apparent that this film is based on the Unification Church.

Among the other roles Mancuso has taken on there was the role of Holden Downes in Captured. In this sometime violent film. He played the part of a real estate tycoon on the edge. Because of business problems his anger builds & builds up. He comes across some thieves who are out to rob him and takes his anger out on them. Instead, he turns the tables on them and making them the victims...

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