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Navneet Sharma With a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Masters in CS from VIT University, Navneet founded and headed an AI research group for 18 months, mentored around 40 students in AI, robotics and data science, and continues to be an active advisor at the university.

Navneet declined a job offer from Apple to join their AI team, and instead started working on Snapshopr. He created the popular Facebook group Young Data Scientists and started Snapshopr AI Learnup series in Bengaluru. This is his fourth attempt at a startup. The first three were in college and they all failed to take off, paving the way for SnapShopr.

The idea of SnapShopr was born out of a personal experience. Navneet happened to chance upon a nice dress at a retail store and he wanted to buy it as a birthday gift for his girlfriend. However, the dress was too costly for him. So Navneet began looking for similar dresses on e-commerce sites.

He couldn’t find anything similar online using the search tools available on those sites and then it occurred to Navneet that there has to be an easier way to search for visual items like fashion apparel and accessories...

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