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  Born : Jan 29, 1954  

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Anthony Paul Moo-Young known as Mooji (born 29 January 1954) is a spiritual teacher originally from Jamaica. Moo-Young was a student of Papaji, a devotee of the advaita and non-dual master Ramana Maharshi. Mooji prescribes self-inquiry, directing his students to the non-dual Self by asking the question "to whom do these thoughts arise?" .

Moo-Young was born and grew up in Port Antonio, Jamaica. In 1969, at the age of fifteen, he emigrated to England after his father died. He went to live with his mother who had been living in London since he was a baby. He taught himself to be an artist employing various media including stained glass, ceramics and sculpture. For a while he taught art at a college in Brixton.

In November 1993, he met Papaji in Lucknow, India where it is said that he was able to see the ever-present source and truth of existence. In his later years, Moo-Young has held satsangs throughout the world and invites others to contemplate or inquire as to what their source is. Like H.W.L. Poonja, Moo-Young's teachings are simple and he encourages his followers to keep quiet and avoid the mind's influence and abide in the Self which is the witness of all phenomenal existence and therefore before any 'thing', including thoughts and all that is perceived with the five senses (citation needed). Many of his followers watch his satsang sessions through YouTube...

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