Michel Issa

  Male      Swedish      Entrepreneur

  Born : Nov 11, 1986  

About Author

Michel Issa (born November 11, 1986 in Germany) is a Swedish entrepreneur and philanthropist, he is being called in Sweden as "Multientrepreneur".

Issa operates eight companies and a charity organization, World Aid Active, that builds medical centers in Indi and Bangladesh to help war-affected families in Syria and Iraq.

He also leads the "We Are One" gala in Sweden, that he arranges in Friends Arena Stadium in Stockholm that take 55,000 people. He has received the Swedish Royal award 2014 from the King of Sweden, Social entrepreneur of the year 2014, and the super talent of the year 2013. There is also Swedish book titled, "Munken son blev Mcltientreprenör" covering his life that will be translated into English in 2018...

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