Michael Ramsey

  Male      English      Clergyman

  Born : Nov 14, 1904  -
  Died : Apr 23, 1988

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Arthur Michael Ramsey, Baron Ramsey of Canterbury PC (14 November 1904 – 23 April 1988) was an English Anglican bishop and the 100th Archbishop of Canterbury. He was appointed on 31 May 1961 and held the office until 1974.

Michael Ramsey was born in Cambridge, England in 1904. His parents were Arthur Stanley Ramsey (1867–1954) and Mary Agnes Ramsey (1875–1927); his father was a Congregationalist and mathematician and his mother was a socialist and suffragette. He was educated at Repton School (where the headmaster was another future Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffrey Francis Fisher), and where author Roald Dahl was a classmate; and Magdalene College, Cambridge, where his father was President of the college. At university he was President of the Cambridge Union Society and his support for the Liberal Party won him praise from H. H. Asquith. His elder brother, Frank P. Ramsey (1903–1930), was a mathematician and philosopher (of atheist convictions) and something of a prodigy, who when only 19 translated into English Wittgenstein's Tractatus.

During his time in Cambridge the young Michael came under the influence of the Anglo-Catholic dean of Corpus Christi College, Edwyn Clement Hoskyns. On the advice of Eric Milner-White he trained at Cuddesdon, where he became friends with Austin Farrer and was introduced to Orthodox Christian ideas by Derwas Chitty. He was ordained in 1928 and became a curate in Liverpool, where he was influenced by Charles Raven...

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