Mian Muhammad Mansha

  Male      Pakistani      Business Person

  Born : Dec 01, 1947  

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Mian Muhammad Mansha is a prominent Pakistani industrialist and entrepreneur who is officially the 3rd richest man in the country. According to Forbes listings in 2010, he was the 937th richest person in the world. He is the chairman and CEO of the Nishat Group.

He was selected for a special Lunch with the Financial Times.

Mian Muhammad Mansha was born in Lahore to a wealthy Chinioti family, his privileged upbringing allowed him to enjoy an early business education at an elite university. His childhood was spent in Faisalabad from where he also started his career as one of the most prominent industrialist of Pakistan. His textile mill in Faisalabad under the name of Nishat Mills still is one of the biggest textile units in Faisalabad. He formally joined the family business after completing his studies in London. He has balance of worth US$2.5 billion till 2013. Apart from these large acquisitions, he was simultaneously expanding his Nishat Textiles segment, Nishat Textiles is Pakistan's largest fabric mill...

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