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Martin Fowler (born 1963) is a British software engineer, author and international public speaker on software development, specializing in object-oriented analysis and design, UML, patterns, and agile software development methodologies, including extreme programming.

His 1999 book Refactoring popularized the practice of code refactoring. In 2004 he introduced Presentation Model (PM), an architectural pattern.

Fowler was born and grew up in Walsall, England, where he went to Queen Mary's Grammar School for his secondary education. He graduated at University College London in 1986. In 1994 he moved to the United States, where he lives near Boston, Massachusetts in the suburb of Melrose.

Fowler started working with software in the early 1980s. Out of college in 1986 he started working in software development for Coopers & Lybrand until 1991. In 2000 he joined ThoughtWorks, a systems integration and consulting company, where he serves as Chief Scientist...

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