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Maggie Shayne (born Margaret Benson) is an American author of more than 50 romance and paranormal novels. She has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Romance Writers of America RITA Award. In addition to her work as a novelist, Shayne is active in the Wiccan religion, and is the High Priestess of a coven she founded.

Maggie Shayne was born and raised in a rural area near Syracuse, New York.

Even as a child, Shayne liked to tell stories and rewrite the endings of some she had read, as well as those of the horror movies she loved to watch. Her first attempt at a novel did not come until she was older, when she wove a story in her head while trying to comfort a sick baby. Because she had been in the mood to read a romance novel that day, the story she envisioned was also a romance. Within days, she had transferred her story to paper, writing longhand on a yellow pad. Realizing that if she ever planned to be a published writer she would need a typewriter, Shayne took a job watching a neighbor's horses so that she could earn the money to buy her first typewriter. She soon finished three manuscripts, which she was unable to sell. Her fortunes changed when Harlequin launched their Shadows line. Shayne sent a query letter to let them know that: "I'm just jumping up and down; so happy that you have created a line especially for me!" Although the editor rejected her first book, Shayne's enthusiasm impressed her enough that she asked to see more novels, and purchased the second. That novel became the first of Shayne's Wings in the Night series, which was so popular that Silhouette asked Shayne to continue writing the series even after the Shadows line was closed...

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