Lyn Nofziger

  Male      American      Journalist

  Born : Jun 08, 1924  -
  Died : Mar 27, 2006

About Author

Franklyn Curran "Lyn" Nofziger (June 8, 1924 – March 27, 2006) was an American journalist, conservative Republican political consultant and author. He served as press secretary in Ronald Reagan's administration as Governor of California, and as a White House advisor during the Richard Nixon administration and again during the Reagan presidency.

Nofziger was born and reared in Bakersfield, California. Politically conservative by the time he attended high school, he worked on the school newspaper. He served in the United States Army and then earned a BA in journalism from San Jose State College in San Jose, California, and would work for sixteen years as a reporter, editor and Washington, D.C., correspondent for Copley Newspapers and Copley News Service.

In 1966, Nofziger was named press secretary for Ronald Reagan's successful gubernatorial campaign in California, and served two years as Governor Reagan's Director of Communications.

After Richard Nixon's election as U.S. President in 1968, Nofziger served the Nixon White House as Deputy Assistant to the President for Congressional Relations and the Republican National Committee as its Deputy chairman for Communications. Nofziger worked for Nixon's presidential re-election campaign in 1972 as executive director of the California Committee to Re-Elect the President. John Dean, Nixon's White House counsel, wrote that Nofziger had helped compile the Nixon White House's enemies list...

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