Ludwig Von Mises

  Male      Austrian      Philosopher

  Born : Sep 29, 1881  -
  Died : Oct 10, 1973

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Ludwig Heinrich Edler von Mises (29 September 1881 – 10 October 1973) was a philosopher, Austrian School economist, sociologist, and classical liberal. He became a prominent figure in the Austrian School of economic thought and is best known for his work on praxeology, a study of human choice and action. Fearing a Nazi takeover of Switzerland, where he was living at the time, Mises emigrated to the United States in 1940. Mises' thought has exerted significant influence on the libertarian movement in the United States since the mid-20th century.

Ludwig von Mises was born to Jewish parents in the city of Lemberg, in Galicia, Austria-Hungary (now L'viv, Ukraine). The family of his father Arthur Edler von Mises had been elevated to the Austrian nobility in the 19th century, and was involved in building and financing railroads. Ludwig's mother, Adele (born Landau), was a niece of Joachim Landau, a Liberal Party deputy to the Austrian Parliament. 3–9 Arthur was stationed there as a construction engineer with Czernowitz railway company. At the age of twelve Ludwig spoke fluent German, Polish, and French, read Latin, and could understand Ukrainian. Mises was the older brother of mathematician[3] Richard von Mises, a member of the Vienna Circle. When Ludwig and Richard were children, his family moved back to Vienna...

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